High Speed Internet

As Your Local Retailer for DSL, DirectTV, and Dish Network what we care about most is the performance of the services that are installed in your home. additionally important is that your expectations of cost and performance are met or exceeded.

Internet is available everywhere with satellite internet.

Dish Net Internet :

  • Fast Speeds (up to 4G)
  • Available no matter where you live
  • When you bundle with DISH Video …
  • $10 Bundled Discount
  • No Activation Fee
  • One Bill Convenience
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Simple Professional Installation
  • Three data plans to choose from

DISH Net’s Basic Package  10 GB Data Plan

Sale Price:     Regular Price:   $49.99 per month.   $10 Per month equipment fee.

Monthly savings include $10 DISH Video and DISH Net Internet bundled discount.


 Dish Nets 20 GB Data Plan    Extended Package:

Sale Price:   $59.99/mo   Regular Price:    $69.99 per month.     $10 Per month equipment fee.

Monthly savings include $10 DISH Video and DISH Net Internet bundled discount.


Dish Nets Internet Premium Package    30 GB Data Plan

Sale Price: $79.99/mo  Regular Price:   $99.99 per month.    $10 Per month equipment fee.

Monthly savings include $10 DISH Video and DISH Net Internet bundled discount.

Dish Nets Internet Premium Package    50 GB Data Plan

sale price $99.99 per month. regular price $129.99/mo.


How fast is the sevice?

The service comes in two download speeds: 5 Mbps or 10 Mbps. depending on where you live will determing The speed that you will receive . See how long will downloads it take to

5 Mbps
10 Mbps
Basic Webpage 0.5 Seconds 0.25 Seconds
Email Image Attachment Near Instant Near Instant
MP3 Song ~5 Seconds ~2.5 Seconds
Movies ~20 minutes ~10 minutes
Details of the dishNET Data Plans

There are three plans to choose from when ordering dishNET: 10GB, 20GB, and 30GB. You don’t pay for speed with dishNET, everyone gets the fastest speeds available to them; you pay for how much data you use. Use the chart above to determine what plan you might need based on usage. Below you will see the details of the three different plans.

Each Data Cap is split between Anytime Data and Bonus Data. Anytime Data is used any time during the day you use the Internet. Bonus Data is consumed between the hours of 2 AM and 8 AM. During the hours of 2 AM to 8 AM your Bonus Data is consumed. Once you’ve used all your Bonus Data then usage during those hours will start to consume your Anytime Data.

What happens if I reach or exceed my data limit?

At 80% usage then DISH will send an email, plus you can monitor your usage on their website easily, anytime you want. If you go over then your download speed is reduced to 128 kbps (about the same speed as dial up). Once the new billing cycle starts the download speed returns to normal.

What if I need more data?

Easy! You can change your plan with dishNET to meet your needs, or you can purchase a Data Cap Token. A 3 GB Data Cap Token can be purchased for $25 via customer service. You can purchase this in advance if you know you’re going to need it, or you can purchase it because you’ve reached your limit and don’t want your speed throttled.

DSL High Speed Internet

Internet  has basically three options with DSL  1) Phone 2)Internet 3) phone and internet by choosing option 3 you save considerably on internet with a bundle ie$19.95

DSL Phone

there are 3 phone packages to choose from

  • $25.00 or lessBasic Phone service – Unlimited local calling
  • $35.00/mo Home Phone unlimited local calling , no solicitation, caller id & call waiting id, voice mail, three-way calling, last call return, call forwarding, call rejection
  • $45.00/mo Home Phone Unlimited – all the features of Home phone and unlimited nationwide long distance FREE

Internet only does not require Phone

  • 6 mo. Offer no committment ANY SPEED $29.99
  • 1 year offer 1 year committment $29.95 1.5M, $34.95 3/5/7M, $39.95 12M, $49.95 20M, $59.95 40M.
  • After promotion 6 mo or 1 year the full prices are 1.5M=$40 – 3/5/7M=$45 – 12M=$50 – 20M=$60 – 40M=$70

Phone and Internet

  • 6 month offer unlimited long distance and any speed internet $64.99/mo
  • 1 Year offer 1.5M=$54.95 : 3/5/7M=$59.95 : 12M=$64.95 : 20M=$74.95 : 40M=$84.95 ADD 5.00 for unlimited long distance
  • 5 year price lock promise – 1.5M=$59.95 : 3/5/7M=$64.95 : 12M=$64.95 : 20M=$69.95 unlimited long distance Phone
Installation can be a tech install for 49.99 or 3 payments or a self installation with customer support for $14.95 s&h . with the self install the modem lease is 4.95 and with the tech install there is a 22.95 handling charge and the modem lease is $5.95. there are minimal taxes on internet only and on the phone there is approximately 10 dollars in taxes and fees.
High-Speed Internet Disclaimer
*Services not available everywhere. Residential customers only. may cancel services or substitute similar services at its sole discretion without notice. Requires credit approval. Additional restrictions apply. Monthly Rate: Monthly rate applies while customer subscribes to all qualifying services. If one or more services are cancelled, the standard monthly fee will apply to each remaining service(s). Without qualifying calling plan, the standard, non-promotional monthly rate will apply and is subject to change. Customer must remain in good standing in a service area. Taxes, fees and surcharges are additional, subject to change without notice and based on non-promotional, standard monthly rate. Additional restrictions apply.
Home Phone Packages Disclaimer
*Availability of products, services and prices shown on the web is subject to change and may not be applicable in all areas. Offer available to residential customers only. Additional restrictions may apply. Local Service:  long-distance plan (additional charges apply) and calling features: Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Waiting ID, 3-Way Calling, Anonymous Call Rejection and Call Forwarding, and a single voicemail box. Price excludes taxes and fees. Local and in-state long-distance (including local toll) services are governed by the applicable state tariffs and/or state terms and conditions. See rates,