dish retialer

High Commissions, Residual Income, Over rides

We at SilverStar Satellite are now developing a up beat inspired sales team.  We believe that the best sales team is one that is willing to learn more about our industry and being a professional in it.  Fill out this form and start your sales career today !! The harder you work the more you make. Sell Dish Network and DIRECTV door to door and earn a living while saving people money on their Pay TV bills.

SilverStar Satellite Employment Form


1099 Independent contractor employment form
  • outside sales is mostly door to door but could also include business to business, networking, referals, fairs and events, and occasionally working the showroom.
  • Upload your resume
  • upload a picture for your ID Badge if you become part of our team.
  • Have you sold dish network or directv
  • what type of sales experience do you have
  • select the date you want to stop in and fill out the paperwork and start training.

come to this address for your orientation. 

7211 NE Hazel Dell Ave Vancouver Washington 98665


we have two Door to Door positions one is Lead Generating and the other is sales 

I prefer those without experience selling door to door in this market start lead generating and work into sales.

with lead generating all you have to do is walk and knock if they answer say ” I am ____ from SilverStar, we are a local business on highway 99 that specializes in customer service and helping our neighbors lower their TV bills. Are your interested in talking to someone about lowering your TV viewing cost. ” hand them a card, if they ask for details hand them a brochure and tell them to make sure you tell them that ____ sent you. If you would like to give me your number I can have Todd or Sondra call you right now!
Then move on to the next door. this should be a quick process and you get $10.00 for every call but $50 for every installed sale. Plus if they say your sent them they get a extra $50 off to ensure they use your name.
It is easy and fun no pressure !

with sales you make the sale and have to learn the product, this requires time and effort that you can do while you are working as a lead generator, but a sale is worth as much as $225.00 for a sales person.