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New Hopper 3 Training video

Hopper GO

Hopper with Sling training video

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Dish VIP722 Operation Instructions

Dish Program remote and external sling for the HOPPER

Dish Sling

Program the remote to the TV for volume and on off operation

Turn your 211 into a DVR

Restore your locals with a ota

DirecTV Program the volume and on and off operation for your TV

TV – 2 operation and remote identification.

RV Hookup, dish setup

Toning out the wiring in the RV

Fix the wiring

Set up the Dish Network Tri-Pod

Locate the satellites with the 1000.2 Dish Network High deff Dish

Tailgater Setup

Hopefully TV explanations in Plain English

the most common trouble call 95% of all calls within the first month of service is changing the input or channel on the tv and moving away from the input your satellite system is running on. this produces the allusion to the customer that the satellite is out and that i need to come fix it right now and i do. countless times i have driven long distances to walk in and change the channel on the tv and like magic the satellite works again. realizing what just happened the customer is always apologetic and i am always understanding that this is common so during the customer education or training i try to address this issue before it is an issue. reading the information as i know it bellow will clear up this difference between what you are used to and what you now have for digital tv service.

Picture problems:

for more in-depth explanation and pictures look at training page of this website

Your TV is with a digital signal nothing more than a monitor for your various devices such as satellite receiver, dvd, gaming system, vcr, surround sound, camera , computer, etc. unlike the analog signal from days past where may change your tv to change the channel.

depending on you tv;s capability you may have a variety of options for inputs to include

  • coax (standard definition)
  • component red, white , yellow (standard definition) yellow is video red and white is audio
  • S-Video (standard definition)
  • HDMI ( High Definition) video and audio
  • component Red, Blue, Green, red ,white ( High Definition) red and white are audio and Red,Blue,And Green are video producing high-definition
  • Audion options include the component red and white or a digital optical cable

Remote Issues:

your volume and on and off features do not work on your satellite remote. this means noting more than your satellite remote is not addressed to your tv. this could have happened because it was never addressed , you changed the batteries, or got a new tv.

solution  Dish Network push and hold the white  tv button at the top of the remote down until all the lights light up release the tv button and push the red tv button one time. now repeatedly push the up arrow button located just above the select button as you are pushing this button rapidly the white tv button should be flickering, we are running through the many codes by doing this and eventually the tv will shut off , when this happens push the up arrow a several more times passing the code. now push the down arrow button very slow and the press that turns the tv back on is the code stop and press the pound sign located bottom right of the remote one time and the white tv button will flash three times now press the volume button to be sure that the volume works and then try the red tv button see if it turns the tv off and on. if all functions work then press the satellite button so you are operating the satellite and you are done.


in the later pages of every book that comes with the dish receiver there are codes you can lookup the code for your tv and press the tv button until they all light up then press the code  and press the pound sign tv button flashes 3 times check the functions if this doesn’t work try the next code.

solution DirecTV press the menu button

UHF remotes with Dish Network not responding to the box.

press Menu 6-1-3 to system info and at the bottom of the screen there is a remote one and two with a remote address. to change this address so your remote will sink up with your box you

  1. press and hold the satellite button at the top of the remote until all the white buttons light up then release the sat button.

  2. press the number 1-10 choose on and press it once

  3. press pound sign at the bottom of the remote #

  4. press the record button once if the remote address doesn’t change at the bottom under remote address for the tv your remote is for then press record several more times once it changes then press the up arrow button and see if the tv number flickers this tells me that it worked. if the remote address doesn’t change then try the steps again. if it does take the number one remote and cancel out of the menu by hitting cancel about 4 times. now test your number two remote by hitting the power button and see if your tv 2 blue light turns on and off at the box. if it doesn’t then it isn’t working repeat the steps.