Dish VIP 222

Dish VIP 222 two room TV 1 HD TV 2  standard

Dish 222


TV1 video is provided by two HD video outputs (HDMI digital audio/video and Component (YPbPr)) and
three SD video outputs (S-Video, composite (RCA-type), and coax). TV1 audio is provided by either
composite left/right (RCA-type) or a digital audio output.

An over-the-air tuner is included for TV1 which receives only digital over-the-air channels, not analog overthe-
air channels. To watch analog over-the-air channels, the TV’s tuner must be used. ViP222 supports passthrough
of analog over-the-air channels to TV1 using the Channel 3/4 output when in standby.

The Home Distribution output supports a modulated channel carrying TV1 programming in addition to the
modulated channel that carries TV2 programming. The modulated output provides the option to view TV1 or
TV2 programming on any connected remote TV. When the system is locked, the password must be entered
to enable the TV1 Out channel. Refer to Connecting to the Remote TVs (TV1 or TV2) in Chapter 11 of the
User’s Guide or Quick Facts: TV1/TV2 Agile Output for additional information.

Single Mode and Dual Mode viewing options are available on the ViP222. Display Picture-In-Picture on any
TV when in Single Mode.

One Ethernet port is included on the back panel and is reserved for future use.

One USB 2.0 port is included and is reserved for future use.

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