Dish VIP 211

 Dish VIP 211 one room HD 

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The ViP211k is a high-definition (HD), single-satellite tuner, single-TV receiver compatible with the MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 compression standards. The ViP211k includes one digital over-the-air tuner, an Ethernet connection, and has the same user interface as the ViP211.

  • Supports one independent HDTV with remote control
  • Compatible with Tailgater
  • View over-the-air SD and HD broadcasts (requires optional over-the-air module).
  • On-screen Caller ID with history (optional).

Dish Tailgator

ConsiderationsThe ViP211k supports one TV and includes one HDMI and one Component (YPbPr) video ouput.

All standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) outputs are simultaneously active. All video outputs
view the same programming.

The default output resolution on the HD video outputs is 480p.

DishCOMM technology is supported on the ViP211k, allowing phone and other data to be sent between
compatible receivers and devices over the home power lines. Refer to Quick Facts: DishCOMM Technology

A broadband Internet connection can be used for updating Pay-Per-View purchase records, allowing the
customer to order Pay-Per-View programs using their remote control. Refer to Quick Facts: Connecting the
Receiver to the Home Network and Home Network Installation Instructions for additional information

If a program does not fill the screen, press the FORMAT (*) button on the remote control to cycle through
different viewing modes. FORMAT(*) formats both HD and SD video outputs.

ViP211k uses the 5.3 IR (infrared) remote. The 5.3 remote is IR only, so it cannot be used to control the
receiver from other rooms of the home. An IR-to-UHF Pro Upgrade Kit can be installed at additional cost if
the installation requires the ability to control the receiver through walls or other obstructions.

Setting up an over-the-air antenna on the ViP211k is the same as a ViP211. See Connecting Over-the-Air
Antenna In in Chapter 11 of the user’s guide to learn how to set digital over-the-air channels.

Note: ViP211k does not support reception of analog over-the-air channels. Only digital over-the-air channels
can be scanned into the receiver.

Similar to other ViP-series receivers, the ViP211k supports HD Channel Mapdown. Refer to Software
Update: HD Channel Mapdown and HD Icon Features or Channel Display Preferences in Chapter 10 of the
user’s guide for help changing this setting.