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Dish Service moves to the top of the industry with the new Hopper3 call Todd or Sondra today 1-877-576-7100 Whole home HD/DVR service and programming as low as $39.99 24mo.

when selecting dish equipment there are one and two room systems, each new account is allowed three receivers whether they are one or two room systems. then there is whole home HD/DVR systems Hopper and Hopper 3 additional rooms use thin clients named joeys. A one hopper install can have six associated joeys, with a hopper installation if you intend to use a receiver as RV unit , you are allowed to add a purchased 211 or wally receiver to your home hopper account. Here is a list of all the common receivers and their associated attributes.

High Definition equiptment and why not with credit card auto pay and paperless billing   your HD is FREE for life. 

  • <<View Details>>VIP211: One room HD receiver
  • <<View Details>>VIP222: Two room HD receiver with tv 2 being standard definition as is all two room boxes
  • <<View Details>>Vip 612 : one room two tuner HD/DVR
  • <<View Details>>VIP722: Two room HD/DVR first room is HD and tv2 is standard definition  utilizing the second tuner of this two tuner box, both rooms have access to DVR recordings. (see my video on dish videos page for more details on the two tuner box) 350 hrs 55 hd
  • <<View Details>>Hopper: Is the hub of the whole home HD/DVR network. it is a three tuner box capable of amazing things to include the fastest processor only to be surpassed by the Hopper 2, it has Prime time anytime record capability with auto hopp, it has advanced on demand when connected to a high speed broadband connection, with this connection it can view apps like pandora, facebook, play games, blue tooth, remote locator, and game finder to name a few. to view all its features view my video how to use the hopper. 2 TB hard drive 2.000 hours 500 hours of HD 
  • <<View Details>>Hopper 2 : the advanced features in this box that differ from the hopper is that this box has sling built in, the faster processor, built in wifi. 2 TB hard drive 2.000 hours 500 hours of HD 
  • <<View Details>>Joey: this is a thin client, it receives all its downloads from the hopper and utilizes a available tuner from the hopper. with HD in all locations this little box you wont notice the difference from one room to the next. you have all the same cool features in every room. 
  • Hopper 3

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