DISH Network Hopper3


  • 2TB Hard drive 2,000 hours of std 500 hours of HD
  • prime time anytime feature
  • 16 Tuners = conflict free TV
  • remote viewing with sling
  • the fastest process of any set top box which give you a more responsive guide
  • Dish Apps like game finder, pandora, social media and many more.
  • Dish on demand
  • blue tooth capable
  • wifi enabled

in addition to the Hopper there are Joeys, wifi joeys, and 4K Joeys available for the additional rooms in your whole home system.


The Joey connects other TVs in your home with your Hopper to create a Whole-Home entertainment experience.

Joeys share the same user interface and have all features found on the Hopper* including Remote Control Locator. The Joey is compact and tucks behind the TV or inside a cabinet.

The Super Joey adds an additional two tuners to your whole home Hopper system

Saving TV-loving families everywhere, with our latest Joey addition you can record up to 8 channels at once. With two built-in tuners, Super Joey works alongside the Hopper to expand your watching power and record more shows than ever before. Never again will you have to choose between recording the kids’ shows or yours.

Dish Anywhere and Sling

Only the Hopper gives you the power to transform your computer, smartphone or tablet into your TV and enjoy your same TV from home–anywhere! All of your live channels, everything on your DVR*, and thousands of On Demand titles** will keep you and your family entertained anywhere.

Dish Network Prime Time Anytime 

With the Hopper’s® exclusive feature, PrimeTime AnyTime, three hours of primetime programming are available to you for up to 8 days from initial air date. Plus you can save your favorite primetime content forever. You can also instantly skip commercials in recorded primetime TV on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC.

Dish Auto Hop

Hate commercials? DISH created commercial-free TV so you can save an hour each night*! Now you can instantly skip commercials in recorded primetime TV.

Record Up to 8 Shows with Dish Network portland oregon

The Hopper gives you the power to record up to 8 live channels at once, including your 4 local networks and 4 channels of your choosing. Never experience channel conflict again.*

Dish Hard Drive and on Demand

The Hopper® packs a 2 TB hard drive punch so you can record and store up to 2,000 hours of your favorite programming. And when you connect the Hopper to the Internet, you’ll have instant access to more than 15,000 On Demand titles.

Hopper Transfers with Dish Network in Portland Oregon

Now you can watch your DVR recordings anywhere you want—even when you don’t have an Internet connection. Simply transfer your recorded TV programs to your mobile device with our free app before you leave the house and you can enjoy your favorite movies or shows on flights or keep your kids entertained during a long road trip, even when you’re offline. Your shows and movies – on your time, anywhere.

Connect your hopper to you Home internet in Portland Oregon

Connect the Hopper® to your home Internet and open a new world of entertainment. Get instant access to thousands of On Demand movies and TV shows, including titles from HBO®, STARZ®, Blockbuster @Home™ and more. Order Pay-Per-View movies and events using your remote.

An Internet-connected Hopper has a multitude of apps, including Facebook, Pandora, Twitter and MLB Network. No need to fire up the computer when your favorite apps are on your TV.